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November 14, 2014
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Os Stan Smith dispensam apresentações. São os tênis do momento!

Depois de não ter conseguido
comprar no primeiro lançamento (esgotaram
em poucas horas), ter pensado muito no modelo preferido, acabei por escolher
personalizar os meus.
Esperei mais de um mês para as ter mas valeu bem a pena esperar! São lindas e confortáveis!!
Desde que chegaram, olho para elas todos os dias. Ficam bem
com tudo!! Vamos ter aqui uma amizade por vários longos…
Of course I
don’t need to present you “the” Stan Smith. They are the sneakers of
the moment!
After not being able to buy them when they were re-launched (they sold out in few
hours), and a lot of
time thinking what was the best model for me, I ended up choosing to personalize my Stan Smith sneakers.
I waited for
more than a month to get them but it was really worth it! They are beautiful, cool and comfortable!!

Since they
arrived, I look at them every morning. They go well
with everything! We will be best friends for many years…

By Marisa Oliveira

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