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December 4, 2015

Totalmente inspirada pela Maria Guedes, do Stylista, e pelo seu #everycoolgirlishalfboy, atrevi-me a combinar umas calças boyfriend com uma camisola bem feminina. Na verdade, ainda nem tentei usar a camisola de outra forma que não esta. Com sapatilhas ao fim-de-semana ou com mocassins durante a semana, para adiar a entrada das botas de forma definitiva no armário.

Apesar de ser Outono, em Londres começa a ser frio de inverno. As roupas mais escuras aconchegam mas há dias em que só “dá mesmo” roupas mais claras para contrastar com o ambiente cinzento de cá! Valha-nos as luzes de Natal!

Totally inspired by Maria Guedes, the Stylista – a Portuguese blogger very cool and with a visual feeling really cool, and her #everycoolgirlishalfboy, I dared to combine a boyfriend trousers with a very feminine sweater (I told you I wouldn’t resist to buy it). In fact, I haven’t even tried to wear the sweater in other different way. With sneakers during the weekend and/or combine with moccasins during the week, I’m trying to delay the entry of permanently boots in my day-to-day.

Although it’s autumn, in London is so much cold that we consider it Winter. Darker clothes huddle but there are some days when we must wear bright clothes to contrast with the gray environment here! Thanks God to the Christmas lights!


Camisola  Knitwear & Scarf . Oasis  |  Jeans & Loafers . Zara  
Óculos de Sol  Sunglasses . Versace


By Marisa Oliveira

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