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February 16, 2017
After our invites, the website was the other graphic element that took us longer. We decided to have one, so guests could find more about us and our history, about our day and we wanted to prepare a travel guide for our foreign guests.
It is still online if you want to have a look – msbettertogether.com . You can easily access without passwords and you have a lot of Oporto suggestions. Which btw, was nominated for best European destination in 2017, so visit it and enjoy it!
Very proud of my husband and all the work he has done to make everything even better than we imagined.
Depois dos convites, o website foi o outro elemento gráfico que nos demorou mais tempo. Optamos por ter um para que os convidados pudessem saber mais sobre nós, sobre o nosso dia e quisemos preparar um guia turístico para os nossos convidados estrangeiros.
Ainda está online – msbettertogether.com, podem espreitar sem palavras passes ou complicações 😉
Muito orgulhosa do meu agora marido e de todo o trabalho que ele desenvolveu para que tudo ficasse ainda melhor do que imaginamos.

By Marisa Oliveira

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