Essie | Wild Nudes

October 9, 2017

Looking for the nail polish shades to match with your transitional outfits? Let me introduce you a brand new collection.

Essie launched an amazing collection called “Wild Nudes” which has a range of timeless colours that you will want to use non-stop.


Add your favourite top coat, my favourite happens to be a 5£ high street nail polish, and you will have the perfect manicure during all week.




À procura da cores novas de verniz para combinarem com os vossos looks transicionais? A Essie lançou uma colecção linda chamada de “Wild Nudes” com cores intemporais que vão querer usar sem parar.


Combinem com o vosso top coat favorito, no meu caso é um que podem encontrar no supermercado, e vão ter uma manicure perfeita durante toda a semana.

Essie "Wild Nudes" collection Essie "Wild Nudes" collection Essie "Wild Nudes" collection Essie "Wild Nudes" EXPOSED Essie "Wild Nudes" - CLOTHING OPTIONAL Essie "Wild Nudes" - WINNING STREAK


By Marisa Oliveira

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