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Christmas Season at Covent Garden

Christmas Season at Covent Garden

There is something about Covent Garden that makes me love it a little bit more every time we visit. Especially now when it is fully decorated with Christmas lights, sets and beautiful shops to get lost in.   You can decide if you ...

December 19, 2018
Khao Lak  | Traveling

Khao Lak | Traveling

For our Thailand trip, we decided to get away from Phuket and discover a less touristic place – Khao Lak. We were advised by our travel agency to pick this place and when they showed us the resort it was hard to take it off our ...

November 13, 2017
The Sarojin, the Paradise | Traveling

The Sarojin, the Paradise | Traveling

Not even in my sweetest dreams, I had thought that one day I would spend my honeymoon in one of the most beautiful resorts we saw in all the travel magazine covers. I mean, I always dreamt with a water house in the French Polynesia, ...

October 26, 2017
Farmacy  | GOING OUT

Farmacy | GOING OUT

Since I found out about Farmacy, in one of In the Frow’s vlogs, I was salivating to go there for a brunch during the weekend. Join us! The restaurant is based in London’s Notting Hill and its prices are due to the organic, fresh and ...

September 29, 2017
2 shops to visit while in Porto

2 shops to visit while in Porto

  During our last trip to Porto, I didn’t want to miss visiting two stores: one I already knew, the other one was a new space for me. The city is full of new places to eat and visit, and shopping-wise the city is well served ...

September 21, 2017
La Guarida | Cuba

La Guarida | Cuba

La Guarida was the first place we added to our Cuba itinerary. Food lovers as we are, we couldn’t miss this restaurant in the middle of Old Havana.     We booked a couple of weeks in advance for lunch so we could get ...

July 28, 2017
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