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Christmas Decorations |  Shopping

Christmas Decorations | Shopping

Spotify’s Christmas playlist, cinnamon scents, and candles everywhere. Sometimes all you need is to just add an extra something to your decoration to get you in the mood for Holiday season, maybe something new?   After all the ...

December 1, 2017
Christmas Decorations  |  Inspiration

Christmas Decorations | Inspiration

There is something about Christmas that I love. I mean, there is a LOT of reasons why this season is one of my favorites: family reunions, Christmas songs & mulled wine, Christmas Decorations and the traditional dishes… the ...

November 28, 2017
New Home

New Home

Those how follow me on Instagram, know that this week has been all about moving to a new place – packing, checking-in, unboxing, checking-out. And the exciting bit: redecorating a new place, making it feel ours and to reflect our ...

March 30, 2017